Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New session, new goals.

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Hi Jane,

Massachusetts' 191st legislative session began last week. That means it's time to get to work.

States will continue to be critical battlegrounds in the fight for our civil rights and civil liberties in the year ahead – and our Commonwealth will be on the forefront. We had some big wins last session – from sweeping criminal law reform, to victories safeguarding our fundamental reproductive freedoms – but we're just getting started.

Here are just a few of our priorities for the new legislative session:

  • Technology & Civil Liberties: The ACLU has a plan to ensure privacy protections keep pace with advancing technologies, including a moratorium to hit pause on unregulated government use of biometric recognition technologies.
  • Treatment, Not Imprisonment: If Massachusetts is serious about ending the opioid crisis, we need to reframe our approach to drug use to one that is rooted in public health, not punishment.
  • Reproductive Freedom: As the Trump administration continues its daily attacks on our health and reproductive rights, and as the Supreme Court considers hearing a case designed to gut Roe v. Wade, the Massachusetts legislature cannot be complacent.

Read more about our legislative priorities for this new session – from smart justice, to voting rights, to immigrant protections.

Over the next two years, we can fight off the worst excesses of the Trump administration and help shape the future of freedom here in Massachusetts. A future that we can all believe in. But we'll need your help to do it.

Stay tuned for updates on how you can help us fight for key legislation here in Massachusetts.

Happy new legislative session,

Gavi Wolfe

Gavi Wolfe
Legislative Director, ACLU of Massachusetts

P.S. Join us on January 22 for a webinar to learn more about our priorities this session.